Preferred Provider Organization – Health Insurance for in-patient…

    Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Health Insurance for in-patient and out-patient expenses within FWD's Preferred Provider Organization    Contact us NOW!   * . This product covers medical expenses for hospitalization in all public hospitals throughout the country and private hospitals approved by FWD. For private hospitals, the customer does not need to medical expenses first i.e.either both in-patient and out-patient. (you pay only the excess medical expenses.) In … [Read more...]

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At last: Affordable Health Insurance for Foreigners Living in Thailand!

At last: an affordable Health Insurance for all nationals living in Thailand. Affordable * Comrehensive Coverage * Modular System * Cash Reimbursment(!) This affordable health insurance product is what we have been missing for so many years in Thailand... BUT as of NOW... ♣  It is here, you can get it, you can afford it, even if you live on low budget in Thailand! ♣  It gives you THE PEACE OF MIND about your medical and health needs! ♣  Without breaking your financial limits! ♣  You … [Read more...]

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