Hospital Out-Patient Department (OPD), an FWD Health Insurance Module




Out-Patient Department (OPD)

Supplementary Contract (attached with CARE) for coverage of out-patient medical expenses.


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Benefit OPD600 OPD800 OPD1200
OPD (Insured age from 3-60 years) Max 30 times per year 600 800 1,200
Condition for OPD :
1. Out-patient benefit of Bt 600, 800 or 1,200 per time (maximum 1,200 Bt conclude all policies) with maximum 30 times per year.
2. Insured ages: 3-60 years (renewable until age 69)
3. An insured who lives in BKK must apply for a minimum cover of OPD800.
4. Children who are between 6-8 years of age can apply for a maximum cover of OPD800.
5. To apply for OPD, The Insured needs to buy a package including PPO and Life Insurance base plan.
6. To apply for OPD, premium payment must be annual mode.
The information contained herein is provided as preliminary information only. The coverage purchased, terms and conditions as well as benefits thereof shall be as stipulated in the policy contract


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