Accidental Indemnity (AI) – a Module of FWD Health Insurance Package


Accidental Indemnity


Accidental Indemnity (AI) – a Module of FWD Health Insurance Package

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Supplemental Contract for Accidental Indemnity (AI)
Loss of life, limbs, sight, speech deafness and disability

This Supplementary Contract is issued as part of the policy to which this contract is attached. This must be attached to a base contract of ING except for the following products : Education Fund at 18 (Par) and Term(Non-par) (T15, T10 and T5).

Compensation Payment Percentage of Accident Sum Insured
1. Loss of life
2. Loss of limbs, sight, deafness and speech (Dumb)
3. Loss of organs
– Loss of both hands or both feet or sight in both eyes 100
– Loss of one hand and one foot, or one hand and sight in one eye or one foot and sight of one eye 60
– Loss of fingers pay according to „Table of policy“ 2 – 25
– Loss of metacarpals pay according to „Table of policy“ 2 – 3
– Loss of toes pay according to „Table of policy“ 2 – 15
4. . Compensation of Temporary Disability (In absence of loss under item (1) or item (2) as specified above)
(A) Total Temporary Disability
0.6 per week
(B) Partial Temporary Disability 0.2 per week
The Company will pay the aggregate amount claimed in (A) and / or (B) for a period not to exceed 52 weeks.  
5. Compensation of Total Permanent Disability
On the condition that the Company has paid the benefit as per item (3), for a full period of 52 weeks,
If the insured ceases to be permanently and totally disabled, the Company will stop paying the permanent total disability benefit. However, if the insured dies before the expiry of the 10 years period that the Company pays the total disability benefit, the Company will then pay the rest of the benefit to the beneficiary (ies)
10 per year
(not to exceed 10 years)
6. Medical Treatment Compensation
Medical treatment as in-patient of a hospital which has been licensed correctly.
0.3 per week
(not to exceed 20 weeks)
7. Operation or Treatment Compensation
If the insured has an accident and must have an operation or treatment performed by a duly licensed surgeon
Follows the Table of Operation or Treatment Compensation.


1. Issued Ages: 20-64 (as of age last birthday)
2. Minimum sum insured: 100,000 Baht.
3. Maximum sum insured 3 times of base plan, maximum sum insured of every AI 10,000,000 Baht.
4. Maximum sum insured of AI and ADD combined: 10,000,000 baht
5. Maximum sum insured for housewife/ house husband 500,000 baht
Premium rate per year per insured 1,000 baht
Occupation Class Premium


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